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I got fucked hard!

I was lying in bed with my husband last night and I was just about to drift off to sleep, when I felt his fingers on my balls. He touched them very softly then trailed down to my hole, just giving it a little tickle and then up to my growing cock.

He stroked my big dick a few times than sat up and moved between my legs so he could have full access to my cock and hole. He went back and forth from stroking my dick to teasing my hole. I was getting harder and harder and was ready for more.

Then he said "do you want to suck my dick". Well, he knows that I always want to suck his big fat cock! I move to my hands and knees with my ass in the air (just to show him what I want next) and my face in his crotch. I smell his big balls and begin to lick the shaft of his cock.

I lick his big mushroom head and gently engulf the head in my mouth. I slide down his shaft, slow at first and then a little faster. Soon I take his dick all the way to the base and feel his balls on my chin.

I love sucking on that big cock of his! Soon he is moaning and hard as steel. I love to service cock and I am a fairly good cock sucker, but once Michael is completely hard I cannot get his whole cock in my mouth/throat as it just gets to damn big! But I love trying...

I keep sucking in long deep strokes while I play with his balls. I concentrate on the head and swirl my tongue on the ridge of his head. then I let the head pop out of my mouth and I lick the shaft down to his big musky balls. One by one I like, suck and play with his big nuts until Michael tells me to put them both in my mouth (he loves that).

Now this is no easy feet as they are big! But soon I have them both in my mouth and I am in heaven with his big balls in my mouth with my tongue exploring where ever it can.

"I want to fuck you"! Is the next thing I hear. "get on your stomach and put your ass in the air". I do as I am told, and I cannot wait to feel the head of his dick against my tight little hole. He reaches for the jar of lube and then begins to hump my ass and tease my hole.

I grab my poppers (I love poppers!) and take a big whiff as I feel that big cock head staring to pierce me! He is in the mood to make me beg for more. I push my ass back to try and force him deeper, but he won't have it and pulls out just enough to keep the head inside me.

Soon enough he gives me what I want! The entire shaft slides deep inside me and I feel his pelvis against my ass. After a a few minutes of slow, deep strokes he begins to really pound my ass. I take another whiff of poppers and it makes me crave the fucking even more! I move up on my elbows and knees, with my ass in the air just begging to be plowed hard and deep.

Michael obliges and gives me a great hard fucking! I haven't been touching my own dick as I know I will cum. But now with Mike's hard cock plowing me I am about to shoot without even touching myself.

"I'm gonna shoot", I tell him as he rides my ass harder, faster and even deeper! I grab my own dick and with a couple of strokes I shoot a huge stream of cum, and again and again. My ass clenches even more as each burst of cum hits the bed and Mike says that I am milking him, he is gonna bust his nut.

"I'm fuckin' cumming" he says..."I am dumping my load soooo deep inside you right now"! I shoot another load as he tells me that he is cumming. One more deep thrust and then a few long slow thrusts and Mike says he is still cumming!

He gives me a few more long deep strokes with his spent cock ans then he slowly pulls out and I feel his dick head on my ass cheek. I collapse into the big puddle of my own cum and Mike is on my back kissing my neck and I feel his still hard dick resting against my hole....

September 24, 2011

Twas the night before Folsom and all through the trashy bars south of Market things were hopping! Mike and I went to our favorite bar on the Saturday night before the Folsom Street fair. The lines were long and the bar was packed to capacity. After we finally got in we had a few beers and checked out all the hot men, lots of leather, bare asses and a couple guys with no clothes on at all.

After an hour or so we decided to check out the back room as there is almost always something going on. It was packed but we found a place to stand and check things out. After a few minutes a space opened up on a bench and I grabbed it. Soon the spot next to me opened up and Mike moved in next to me.

We were only in this new position for a minute when a tale lean totally nude guy walked it and stopped right in front of me. He had buzzed hair and a big tattoo down his left side and onto his ass cheek and a big uncut cock. He couldn’t move further into the room because there was no space, so I told him he could sit in my lap, to which he responded that he was a top. So I said that’s fine too, I can sit on your lap. But his focus was actually on the guy standing to my right. He looked a little rough and outdoorsy with jeans and an open flannel shirt exposing his very hairy chest.

The naked guy didn’t waste any time and soon they were kissing. The hairy guy was stroking the naked guys cock and getting it hard. Soon the hairy guys cock was out and they were stoking each other and kissing. The hairy guy had a Prince Albert, which is not really my taste but then I wasn’t really involved. Soon they were switching back n’ forth sucking each other dicks. I reached over to play with the naked guys ass a few times but they were so into each other I only played with it a couple of times.

As these two were going at it another couple moved in right next to Mike. One guy was VERY hot with a muscled hair chest and jeans just barely covering a bubble butt. His companion was shorted with a shaved head and a nice body as well. They started by kissing but very quickly the hot guy was turned around with his hands on the wall and his tight jeans being pulled down to his ankles.

Next the bald guy dropped to his knees and spread that amazing furry ass open with his hands. He moved forward and his face was instantly buried giving the hot guy an amazing rim job. Mike had to join in so he felt up the hot guys chest, pinched his nipples and then started to stock his meaty cock.

I didn’t know which way to look as there was hot sex going on to either side of me. I was so jealous of Mike that he was playing with the hot guys dick and chest. But soon my turn came…

A tall guy wearing jeans and no shirt was suddenly standing in front of me. We chatted for a few minutes and periodically watched all the action going on. This guy was about 6ft with a lean muscular build and no noticeable hair on his chest. His name was Brad and he asked if I wouldn’t mind rubbing his shoulders. What do you think?

He turned so that his back was to me and I started rubbing his shoulders. I massaged him for a few minutes then let my hand explore his body a little more. I reached around to his chest and pulled him almost onto my lap. I looked down to see the crack of his ass and I decided I wanted to feel that as well. I did my best to play with his firm round ass but his pants didn’t give me too much room. Mike noticed I was having a little problem doing what I wanted to do so he reached over with his free hand and unbuttoned the top of Brad’s jeans.

No complaints so far so I just kept going. The room was very hot so my stud was already fairly sweaty, which made exploring his hole with my finger quite easy. I pushed my finger in and out of his tight little hole while my other hand reached around to play with his chest.

Mike stopped playing with the hot guys dick and unzipped my guys pants so he could jerk off my guy instead. A few minutes of Mike and I playing with Brad passed and then Brad said he wanted to see our dicks as well. Of course we obliged and pulled our pants down enough for Brad to get a good eyeful.

Mike has a big fat dick and everyone always goes crazy for it as soon as they see it. I am more average is size and girth but I can stay hard forever and I get hard at the drop of a hat! Brad took turns sucking first Mike and then me and then back again and I am finger fucking him the entire time. Brad stands up straight, turns his back to me, pulls his jeans down below his ass and sits right down on my hard happy cock!

I stay seated and Brad grinds his ass down on my rock hard cock with long deep thrusts. We fuck like this for a few minutes and then I stand so I can fill him even more with my dick. Mike is playing with both cocks now and his own big piece of meat is standing up straight just waiting for a turn. I pull out and move Brad over to Mike. Brad sits on his fat dick and they start fucking. Mike gets up almost immediately and starts fucking Brad nice and hard. It is very obvious that Brad is a very good and talented bottom who loves to get fucked.

A few minutes pass and Mike whispers into Brad’s ear that he is ready to shoot and asks Brad where he wants his load. Brad tilts his head back and says cum in my ass! Mike pumps and thrusts a few more times and then unloads his cum deep inside of Brad.

Brad is still wanting more and we now have a crowd around us trying to get whatever they can. Brad faces me and starts sucking my cock. A hot blond guy moves behind Brad and starts to fuck him as well. I reach under Brad to feel the blonds dick sliding in and out of his hot little butt. It is obvious that Brad is in heaven and there are hands all over him now. The blond finally pulls out and Brad turns around again to take my cock. This boy is driving me crazy and I just cannot stop fucking him. I pull out for a second and the blond wants more so he turns Brad to face me and resume pumping his ass.

The hot hairy guy who was next to Mike is still getting rimmed. The bald guy gets up and slides his big cock up that hot hairy ass and ponds away. Soon he pulls out and is back on his knees with his tongue buried deep inside his hot friend.

Brad starts sucking my cock and I am again feeling the blonds dick fuck that tight little hole. I can’t hold off any longer and tell Brad I’m gonna shoot. He comes off my dick just as I shoot. Jet after jet hit him in the face, chest, stomach and some of the surrounding spectators.

We are still playing when they announce that the bar is closed and we have to all get out. We all zip up, Brad and Mike exchange phone numbers and we walk out of the back room into the main part of the bar.

Just outside of the door there are hot two guys standing up and fucking. I love this place!

Story from a reader

I'd only been working in my job for a short period of time. (I'm in personnel for this company.) I at times schedule different companies to come in and set up a booth for our employees, they're trying to get some business. I had scheduled this bank to come in and sit in the cafeteria for 7 hours.. not a fun job. To my pleasure it was a young new grad they had scheduled here. So i set him up, gave him the rules... chit chatted with him for awhile and let him do his thing. I made it a point to go and check on him quite a bit... taking care of him. He was gorgeous 5'10", slender/muscular build, brown hair and blue eyes.. very tasty. Is seem like he smiled a lot and was very touchy when I went in there... touching my arm, hand.. leg when I sat down.. i was getting a very good vibe so I was doing the same. At the end of his shift he was packing up and I asked him to come back to my office when he was done to discuss how it went.. was it successful for him. At this time it was 7pm and I was the last one there in the offices. He came back and sat down.. did the idle chit chat for a minute. He was flirting and it was obvious. He lifted his pant leg and pulled up his dark socks, sat with his legs spread apart.. scratched his chest. Then the opener.. he said he had gotten a stiff neck while he was here so said I'm good with those things let me see if I could help. I walked behind him and started massaging his neck muscles. Right away he was liking it.. he put his head back and said that it felt oh so good and moaned a little bit. At this point my pelvis was pressed against his arm and he added some pressure back. So go for it I thought. I bent over and kissed his neck and he didn't flinch. I moved my kisses up his neck to his face at which point our mouths were engrossed in a hot wet deep kiss.. tongues down our throats. At this point he's grabing my cock and rubbing it hard and struggled to undo my pants and snake out my cock which he did. At the same time I'm ripping off his suit jacket and ripping buttons off his shirt to expose his beautiful golden tan chest. Then I grab my cock and push his head down to it and shove my cock deep down his wet throat. I'm moaning in pleasure as he sucks it deep. I loved grabbing his hair and holding on pushing him down each time choking a little bit. Then he got his own cock out and started jerking it..It was a huge beautiful thick cock and big thick balls. I couldn't have him do that so I dropped to my knees and deep throated him. while i was down there I slipped off his shoes and was rubbing his foot on my cock. Our ties still on shirts wide open and pants around our ankles it was time to do it. I couldn't wait any longer. I stood up and grabbed him by his tie and stood him up ... wet kissing the whole time. I stepped on his pants and had him step out of them as did I at that point. Then I just turned him around and bent him over my desk. First licking his ass getting it primed. I tongued his deep pushing my tongue deep inside, it tasted so sweet. I licked my fingers shoving one then two then three inside of him while I was stroking his huge cock. I then grabbed his shirt pushed it aside and grabed his hips and drove my cock deep inside of him. He let out a yell as he grabbed the desk. My feet right out side of his we left our sock on. I pushed on his back as I thrusted hard and deep inside of him. He was moaning and asking for more and it felt so good he said he like my thick cock inside of him. So I gave him more. He grabbed my ass pulling me inside of him. i stroked his cock, grabbed his pecs. He was then telling me he's cumming.. Just as I saw cum oozing out of his cock beneath mine i gave my final thrusts and pulled out and shot my thick load all over his back. We were hot, sweaty and panting like we just ran a marathone.. and we kind of did. He turned around and licked my cock clean as I did for him and then we kissed some more tasting each others sweet cum. we cleaned up our messes put our wet still semi hard cocks back in our pants and got dressed. He was having a little trouble walking.
We went to dinner... and there's more to the story!!

April 24, 2011

On Sunday afternoon Mike and I decided to go to beer bust at a local bar. We had a couple of beers and watched a little porn in the back of the bar. We didn’t really have an agenda other than to relax and drink a little.

We went to the front of the bar and noticed good looking guy a few feet away without a shirt on. He was tall, lean and appeared to be very interested in Mike and I. After a few minutes of checking each other out he came over and we started talking. His name was Hank and within just a couple of minutes he had pulled his hard dick out for us to see.

Well I am not shy when I have such a forward invitation, so of course I stroked it a few times, reached down and played with his big hairy nuts and then moved back to playing with his cock. He reached for my jeans and started rubbing my growing dick through the denim.

He said he was versatile and very interested in playing with us. Mike asked if he lived nearby and eventually we decided that it would be easier to take him to our place. We finished our beers and headed to our car.

Mike said he would drive and that Hank and I should sit in back. Mike barely had the key in the ignition and Hank had pulled his jeans and underwear down to below his knees. Once again I has playing with his cock and balls and slipping my fingers down to his crack to play with his tight little butthole. By the time we were on the highway Hank had my pants down. He leaned on his side and started sucking my cock and he was a very good cock-sucker!

Mike watched us in the mirror and occasionally reached back to grab Hanks dick. As hank went down lower on my cock I started playing with his ass and little hole. It was obvious that he really liked that and wanted more. I kept playing with his hole and he kept pushing his ass higher into the air to give me better access. I spit into my hand and covered a finger so I could push it into him a little. Now his face is buried in my lap as he deep throats my cock and his ass is high in the air as I finger fuck him.

We have an SUV so most cars wouldn’t have been able to see what we were doing, but I am sure a few people got a nice look at Hanks ass with my finger pumping in and out of it. I lubed up another digit and tried to get two fingers in him. Because of the angle it was a little awkward but I did my best and Hank was loving it.

We pulled into our driveway and pulled our pants up and then headed inside so all three of us could have a little fun. We were all undressed with our cocks jutting out and ready to go in no time at all. Mike climbed on the bed and Hank went to work sucking Mike’s big fat cock, again his ass was up and waiting for more action.

I got behind Hank and reached between his legs to stroke his dick and play with his balls. My other hand squeezed his ass and gently played with his hole. He kept pushing back so I lubed a finger or two and went back to finger fucking him and playing with his meat.

His hole was hot and tight and the sight of it was driving me crazy. I got out some real lube, pulled on a rubber and greased my pole and his hole. I slow slid in and Hank came up off of Mike’s dick and reached for the wall. I wanted to drive it in because he felt so good, but I had too slow down and let him get used to it. Soon enough I was filling his ass with all of my dick and Hank went back to servicing Mike’s fat cock. I drilled him nice and slow, then I picked up the pace with a few hard, deep strokes. He was loving it and couldn’t get enough cock in both ends.

I was so excited and was already getting close, so I pulled out and asked Mike if he would like to switch places. Duh! Mikes cock was plugging Hank’s little ass in no time at all and I was back to enjoying Hanks hot mouth swallowing my dick. Did I mention was a great cock sucker he was?

Hank flipped over onto his back and Mike shoved his meat back in. With Mikes fat cock pounding away it wasn’t long before Hank couldn’t take it any longer and he shouted that he was going to cum. Big long spurts of jizz went all over his stomach and chest. It was very hot and now it was my turn to unload as well. On my knees and pointing my dick over Hank I stoked out jet after jet of cum. Mike pulled out, unwrapped and showered Hank in even more cream. Hank was coated in cum and we were all spent!

March 24, 2011

This one was different...

Mike posted an add on Craigs list for a guy to join us for some fun. One reply really stood out and his pictures were hot! This guy said he was bi and just wanted to watch Mike and I fuck around. Game on!

He showed up at our place looking even better than his pictures. He was about 5' 8" and had a very solid build, handsome ass and a firm round ass in his tight jeans.

We had a couple beers to loosen up and then headed to the bedroom to get to business. Mike and I stripped and started exploring each others bodies. Are guest went by the name "Buddy" and he stood by the bed fully clothed and just watched us go at it.

I was on my back with Mike kneeling next to my head and his big fat cock just inches from my mouth. He pushed the his fat cock head to my lips and said "suck it". I do as I am told (sometimes) and sucked his cock like it was the last one I was ever going to have!

Mike loves to have his dick sucked and I love sucking it, so we are both very happy. Buddy pulls up a chair, takes off his shoes and sits next to the bed, watching and grabbing at the bulge in his jeans.

Buddy starts to play director and tells Mike to suck my dick as well. Soon we are in a 69 position, both sucking cock. This goes on for awhile and then Mike lifts his hips and pulls his dick out of my mouth as he moves in to get my cock better. This leaves his balls in my face so I do what any Man would do and suck his balls.

Mikes ass drives me crazy and I am looking right at his hairy crack and tight hole as I like his balls. I can't wait any more and my tongue starts to make it's way to Mikes tight little hole. As soon as I reach my target Mike sits up and gives me all of his ass! I rim his hole like crazy.

I can hear Mike talking to Buddy asking is he has ever had his ass eaten? He answers yes and says that he loves it! Buddy starts to tell Mike about some of the experiences he has had with guys and what he has liked. Mike tells Buddy to get comfortable and he is free to do what ever he wants.

I move back to that big juicy cock and I can see Buddy is standing up and taking off his clothes. WOW! What a body this guy has, he must be at the gym every day and it shows! He has big pecs with a light dusting of hair, thick rugby legs and a trail of hair leading down into his white briefs.

Mike asks Buddy if he wants to see me get fucked. My cock gets even harder at the thought. Buddy says he does and Mike quickly moves between my legs. He grabs the lube and slides it over his dick then pushes a lubed finger against my tight little hole. He pushes it in and finger fucks me.

Mike withdraws and grabs my ankles and puts them on his shoulders. I can feel his big mushroom head against my asshole as I hear Buddy say "this is hot". Mike slowly pushes his fat cock into me and Buddy moves to the foot of the bed so he can see Mikes cock sliding into me.

Mike starts slow and steady and then picks up speed as he really starts to plow me now. Buddy is stroking his cock in his briefs and but still staying out of the action.

Before I met Mike I considered myself to be a top. I had been fucked a few times but I really preferred to do the fucking. Mike changed all of that! H e is 90% top and he is very good at it! After he fucked me a few times I was a changed man. I now consider myself as a versatile bottom. I still love to fuck a tight ass and the times where I get to fuck and get fucked are great. I guess that is why I enjoy 3-ways and groups so much, because I can do it all.

Mike has picked up his pace and is filling me with his fat dick. Buddy has taken off his underwear and it standing by the bed stroking his cock. Mike asks Buddy how he wants to cum and he says he want to shoot his load on my face while mike is filling my ass.

I am going crazy with one stud fucking the hell out of me and another jacking his cock over my face. I reach around and start to play with Buddys big tight ass cheeks. I slide a finger down his crack and play with his hole and he lets out a moan.

My load is ready and I shout that I am going to cum. Jet after jet flies from my rock hard dick onto my stomach, chest, neck and face. When I shoot I squeeze hard with my ass and this drives Mike wild. He pulls out and jacks off for a second before he erupts all over me. I am fingering Buddys ass and can feel him getting tighter. My other hand playing with his balls and he shoots. His load covers my face and mouth.

I am coated in cum and taste Buddys jizz on my lips...

December 26th

We took a little trip to Palm Springs for the weekend to get some sun and relax around the holidays. We have a nice condo with a couple of pools, Jacuzzi and a tennis court. I just love going there because the weather is always great; there are many fantastic restaurants, a couple of fun casinos and a few fun bars. It is a great place to unwind while sitting in a Jacuzzi surrounded by palm and fruit trees and the amazing mountains are literally right in front of you.

I keep my BF (Mike) busy the first couple of nights as I am super horny and always want his cock in my ass! Mike is always happy to oblige and fuck the cum out of me, while he dumps his own load deep inside me.

The first night we are rolling around in bed and I start playing with his heavy balls while we kiss and grind on each other. I can feel his dick growing between us and I have to slide down for a taste. He flexes it a couple of times and I dive right in! His cock fills my mouth and I keep playing with his balls and slide my fingers down to his tight furry hole. I continue to deep throat his steel hard cock and tease his ass hole with mf finger.

Mike is mostly a top but he does like to have his ass played with. I see his hole and I get rock hard! I love to tease his hole with a finger then lick from his balls down until I reach my target and sink my tongue into him, swirling around his hole, biting his beefy ass and burying my face in his crack. Mike is happy to oblige and spreads his legs more to give me full access to his tight pucker. I lick and play in there until I feel the need to go back and give his cock more attention.

Mike is on his back and I am sitting on him leaning down for a passionate kiss. I can feel his cock on my balls and along my crack. He smacks his dick on my ass a couple of times and pushes the head towards my hole. “Do you want that in you” he says as I grind my ass down on his throbbing dick. I grab the lube and stoke him with it a few times, take a big hit from the poppers and point the head right to my tight hole. The poppers kick in instantly and I sit back and his head slides in. It takes me a couple of minutes to get ready for more and then I sit down further and the rest of his thick piece slowly pushes into me.

Mike loves for me to sit on his cock and I just love having that big thing inside of me pumping away so I am good with any position we get into. I ride that cock for all I am worth, bouncing up and down as I stoke my own dick. I reach back and feel his dick as it goes in and out of me. Mike moans and I play with his balls that are now the only thing just outside of my hole.

After a few minutes of me riding it and Mike driving it into me he says he is going to shoot! He has a nice big load ready for me and I squeeze his dick with my ass and jerk my own cock faster and faster. He is fucking me like crazy now and yells out that he’s cumming! I shoot a big load over his head, another on this chest and face and another on his arm as he unloads in me at the same time. I am spent but keep him in my ass for a few minutes more and rock back and forth to get the last drops out of him.

The next night Mike fucks me in the shower as we are getting ready to go out for dinner!

On our third day we are feeling like inviting someone over for a little fun. We find a hot guy on-line and he cums to our place. He’s about 6’ 3” with a nice build, early 40’s and a little scruff on his face. We sit in the living room, drink a couple of beers and chat for about 20 minutes. He’s a nice guy and we are all enjoying ourselves. Our guest, lets call him Kyle is telling us about an app on his phone and pulls it out to show us. Mike has to pee and says he’ll be right back, I walk over to the chair and stand behind Kyle to see his phone. I think it’s about time to get this started so I lean down and slide my hand down his chest and down to his crotch. He tilts his head back and we kiss and I grab the bulge that’s growing in his shorts.

Mike come back and finds up kissing and joins in. Kyle stands up and we move the part to the bedroom. Kyle takes off his shirt and shorts to reveal an orange jock strap. Mike and I strip and our cocks are growing bigger at the sight of this stud.

We jump in bed and right away Kyle, who is on his back slurps Mike’s big dick into his mouth. I go to work on Kyle’s dick while I play with his chest and nipples. Mike is on his knees slowly pumping that big cock of his into Kyle’s mouth. I continue to suck Kyle’s meaty rod and move down to his balls and take a quick swipe with my tongue at what I can reach or his hairy hole.

I get on my knees and move my cock to his mouth and Kyle does his best to get both cocks in his mouth. We roll around for a while sucking, kissing and exploring each others bodies. Kyle gets on all fours with his mouth sucking my dick while Mike moves in behind him and teases his hole with the head of his dick. Kyle is moaning with his mouth full of me and Mike starts to ease that big dick into his hole. Mike is fucking him nice and slow and I lean forward and we kiss while Kyle sucks my dick and gets plowed by Mike.

Mike asked if he wants to be double fucked and Kyle is quick to say yes. I lay on my back and Kyle lowers his ass down and the head of my cock pops into him. He sits down all the way and I start fucking him as Mike gets into position. I feel mikes piece rubbing my shaft and I know his cock head is ready to penetrate that hot ass. Mike pushes into him and I feel his cock against mine, both of us filling this tall hairy stud with our meat. We find a good rhythm and soon are pumping away faster and faster. Kyle is moaning and leans down to kiss me, his ass filled with two big hard cocks!

The idea of being double fucked sounds hot but I don’t think my tight little hole could take two! I can barely handle Mikes big cock and the though of another, well, maybe some day. I am always impressed with the guys that take two dicks up their ass at the same time. This is obviously not Kyle’s first time at the rodeo! He feels tight and warm and Mikes cock rubbing against mine at the same time is sending me over the edge.

I pull out and Mike keeps fucking him doggie style. Mike says he’s gonna cum, Kyle says he wants his load and Mike is more than happy to fill him up. He gives a couple of hard thrusts, tosses his head back and lets the cum erupt. I am over the edge and stand up over them and beat my meat until a huge load shoots all over the two of them. One, two, three, four big streams shoot out all over the place.

Mike gets up to pee again and I flip Kyle on his back, play with his ass, spread his cheeks and shove my cock back in for one more fuck. Mike comes back and finds me pounding that ass. Kyle shoots his load all over the bed as I fuck it out of him. I slowly withdraw and we all cuddle in a post fuck coma…

December 4th

On Saturday Mike and I were feeling horny (as usual) and we went on the prowl for a stud to play with. We found a hot bottom guy on craigslist and set things up for him to come to our place.

He was a sexy younger Asian guy at about 5’ 8” with a slim build, nice beefy legs and a hot little round ass! After a few minutes of chatting we went to the bedroom and stripped.

My favorite thing about a three-way is that there are so many positions to get into! In no time my cock was in our guest’s mouth and I was playing with Mikes big, thick cock in my hand. We rolled around into all kinds of positions, sucking each others cocks and exploring bodies as we kissed.

Soon I was on my back with our friend on top of me kissing wildly. Mike climbed on his back and rubbed his fat cock up and down his hot little crack. I whispered in his ear “do you want him to fuck you?” and he growled out a “yes”. Before I knew it Mike had rolled off of his back and was poking his dick at my mouth. What could I do? That big meaty cock needed to be sucked and I was more than happy to oblige. He slid it past my lips and slowly started to fuck my face. Now our guest was sucking my cock while Mike was feeding me his own. I could feel it growing even bigger in my mouth as he pumped it in and out of my hungry mouth.

In no time my cock was aching, I had to either burry my dick in some ass of have one up my own ass! As a guest should always be the priority I decided that I should fuck him so I had Mike take my place on the bed with our hot little bottom lying on top of him and his ass in the air. I played with his ass and pulled it apart to reveal his tight little hole just waiting for some attention. I reached for some lube and applied it to his hole. I slid a finger in him to loosen him up and spread the lube around then a rolled on a condom and lubed up my own dick.

I laid on his back and guided my cock to its tight little target. He was tight as hell but I slowly pushed further and further into his warm ass hole. Suddenly Mike said “stop” but I didn’t think he was talking to me so I continued to drive my cock into him until my balls where on his ass. I quickly learned that I had gotten a little carried away and slid in a little to quickly for our friend and he was in so much pain he couldn’t do anything accept gasp. My bad…I pulled out and gave him a breather for a few minutes and when he gave me the “ok” I went it for a second time.

After a couple of snorts on his poppers he was doing just fine and grinding his little ass back onto my cock and wanting every inch I could give him. I plowed him for a few minutes in this position while he and Mike kissed passionately. Soon I was on my back and he slowly sat on my dick. I love watching a cock disappear into an ass! He bounced up and down while Mike stood above me and fed him his cock. Next I pushed him onto his back and I fucked him from a seated position and Mike moved to his knees to keep his own cock buried in his mouth.

I don’t like to be too greedy so I asked Mike if he was ready to take my place and fuck him. What a stupid question, Mike loves to fuck and he was ready to go! He put on a condom lubed his prick and aimed his big head at that tight little pucker. Watching Mikes dick head penetrate this guy is hotter than any porn I could watch.

I go to my favorite position behind mike and start licking his ass and playing with his heavy balls as he fucks this guy. My tongue goes from his balls and up his crack and then back down. I pull his butt cheeks apart and see his hole just waiting for me! I swirl my tongue around his pucker and then bury my face in his ass and eat out his hole for all I am worth.

We play like this for a few more minutes and then I hear “I’m gonna cum” from our bottom boy. He pounds his dick wildly while Mike continues to pound his ass. I get on my knees and start stroking my own hard shaft over our guest chest. He erupts and his spunk flies all over his chest and up his neck. I am right behind him and my first blast goes over him and hits the bed and the next couple on his chest. Mike pulls out of that warm little hole and beats his meat as well. His first salvo in to his face and I am squirting out my last stream. Mike shoots another three or four hot jets of cum onto his face and chest.

Mike and I collapse on either side of our little cum dump :)

November 7th

I had been chatting with this guy on Grindr for a few weeks now. He lives in another city and comes to San Francisco every few months for work. He sent me a message that he was going to be in town and wanted to know if we were interested in getting together. I talked with Mike (my partner), and showed him the picture of Dirk. Mike said “I know him”. It turns out he is a friend of a friend and Mike always thought Dirk was hot and wanted to fuck him.

I sent Dirk a message saying we wanted to play with him but I needed to also let him know that Mike knows him. Dirk was surprised to say the least but said he also had thought about fucking around with Mike in the past. Well, it looks like everyone is onboard and we know there is already some chemistry to work with so we move forward.

Dirk came to our place late afternoon on Sunday. When he stood in the doorway I was pleasantly surprised as he looked even better in person. He is about 6ft tall with jet black hair and a sexy smile. Although he was still fully dressed it was obvious he had a nice body and big, meaty legs.

We sat in the living room and talked over a beer for a bit as there was still a little awkwardness about Dirk and Mike knowing each other. After awhile, when everyone was more relaxed Mike suggested we head to the bedroom. I popped in a porn DVD for background motivation and we all started taking our clothes off.

Mike was undressed first and his half hard cock looked ready to go! Mike has a meaty cock that looks thick and big even when he isn’t hard. When he is fully hard his cock looks huge! Every once in awhile I look at that big hard dick of his and think “how on earth does all of that fit in my ass?”

Before I met Mike I considered myself more of a top. I love ass! I cannot get enough of it and love to play with a hot ass, rim it until my tongue is spent and then slide my cock in. I have never had a problem finding Men to fuck but I not usually the one who initiates the process. I am over 6ft tall and have a slim build and have almost no body hair (naturally). I have pubic hair but not a single chest hair and almost nothing on my arms and upper legs. This seems to attract men who want to fuck me. Because of this I have bottomed for a few men over the years but my preference was to be the top.

Mike is 90% top and when we got together I bottomed for him. When he fucks me I just can’t get enough and it didn’t take to long for me to consider myself more of a bottom. Now I really enjoy having a nice hard cock slide into my ass and pound away. My ideal situation is where I get to fuck Mike for a while but we finish with Mikes cock buried deep in my ass, thrusting in and out and shooting his big load as I cum all over my chest with streams of jizz hitting my face.

Dirk and I were soon undressed and the three of us stood beside the bed exploring each others bodies. Dirk has a very hairy chest which tapers down to his stomach and a big bush framing his dick. His ass is hairy as well, firm and round. My hands are everywhere, on Mikes cock, on Dirks ass and then off to explore some other areas of these two hot men before me.

After a few minute we are soon rolling around in bed. I have Dirks cock growing in my mouth as I suck him in. My lips gliding over the head and engulfing the shaft and soon my face is buried with my eyes on his balls and just the hint of his hairy crack. Mike is squatting in front of Dirk and filling Dirks mouth with his cock. I look up to see the tip of Mikes cock on Dirks lips and then the big veiny cock disappears into Dirks hungry mouth.

We play like this for quit some time, rolling around on each other, changing positions, cocks being sucked and lots of kissing. Soon Dirk is laying on his back with my cock in his mouth and Mike is exploring our guests hot hairy hole with his tongue. I see this and my dick gets even harder! When I see Mike rimming another guy or even better, when I can watch his big fat cock sliding in and out of another guys ass and play with his balls with my eyes glued to the action, well, my dick doesn’t get much harder with that to watch!

Mike and I trade positions and his cock is being sucked again and I get my turn to play with Dirks hairy ass and tight little butt hole. First my fingers caress from Dirks balls and up his crack, then I spread those cheeks and lightly kiss his hole while I stroke his dick. I nip his cheeks and lick his crack and then I see his hole just waiting for my tongue. I spear it and then bury my face in his ass and rim the hell out of him. I hear moans of pleasure but I am to lost in his ass to know who is making them.

I know that after Mike eats ass he want to fuck it! Dirk rolls on his back and Mike lifts his legs onto his shoulders. Mikes cock head is just touching Dirks tight little hole. Mike pumps his cock a few times in his fist with a helping of lube and slides a greased finger into Dirk to pave the way. Dirk has a very tight little hole and Mike has to slowly push his fat cock into him. It takes a few minutes of loosening him up but in no time Mike is pumping away while Dirk and I play with each others cocks and kiss with out tongues deeply exploring.

Mike is fucking away and I am in position holding his balls up so I can closely watch my studs big dick go in and out of Dirks ass. Dirk is now rock hard and loving that cock inside of him. Soon it is my turn to fuck and I have Dirk roll over so I can see that hairy ass and tight little pucker.

I wrap my hard cock and lube it up. I slowly sink my cock into Dirk. My arms are locked on either side of him and I slowly grind his butt while Mike feeds Dirk his cock. Dirk is very tight and his ass feels like it doesn’t want to let go of my cock. I pull out so just the head is inside of him and slowly dive back in until my balls are resting on his. I continue with long smooth and deep stokes as Dirks ass rises off the bed to meet my thrusts. This sends me over the edge and I pick up the pace, faster and faster until I am about ready to blow my load. I stop and slowly pull my cock out of his ass to savor the vice grip he has on me.

Mike rolls Dirk back over and goes for round two. I am kneeling at Dirks chest and stoking my cock as I watch the action of my man fucking this stud. Soon Mike says he is about to cum and Dirks cock erupts all over his chest, then another big load hits his chin and face. Mike pulls out and pumps his cock hard in his fist and soon his jizz is coating Dirks still hard cock, balls and stomach. I am only seconds behind as I Dirk plays with my balls and Mike reaches around and fingers my ass hole. I know I am going to shoot far so I point my cock down at Dirks body and shoot over his body the first time and then onto him as well. We all collapse on each other, three hot sweaty men…

There will be more to cum with this stud!

October 24th

Every once in a while my partner (Michael) and I like to hook up with another guy or two for a roll in the hay. This weekend was one of those times…

We have picked up guys in bars, Grindr and Craigslist. CL is really a crap shoot and most of the guys are flakes or fakes but every once in a while we find a winner. On Sunday Mike responded to a posting for a guy looking for a massage (and a little more).

After a few email exchanges we decided on a time and that we would pick him up and bring him to our house and see where things go. Mike went out to pick him up and I stayed at home and waited. He was back in 15 minutes, opened the front door and behind him was a tall, lean and sexy stud. We hadn’t seen a face pic in the email exchanges so we had no idea what he looked like other than he had a hot bubble ass.

He came in and sat next to me on the couch and we all talked and had a drink together. As soon as he started talking my dick stirred, he had a strong French accent, which really gets my motor running. We learned he has a co-pilot on a lay-over, so to speak. He was about 6’ 1” with big legs and a nice tight ass from what I could see in his jeans and his name was Henri. He had short dark hair and a closely trimmed beard, another major turn on for me.

After a few minutes of talk and drink we headed to the bedroom to start his massage. He stood in front of the bed and stripped. First his shirt, revealing a lean and hair chest, then his pant and his briefs. He climbed naked onto our bed and lay on his stomach. Mike and I quickly stripped as well and joined him. I was already hard as a rock and my cock was pointing at the ceiling. Mike was about half hard when he got on the bed with his fat cock and big balls looking ready for a good work out.

We started off with a massage, the two of us rubbing his whole body and taking in the site of this stud. Mike is mostly a top and I am a versatile bottom. By versatile, I mean that I love to get fucked and having a cock in my ass pounding away will send me over the edge and shooting a big load in every direction. I also love to suck cock and if I can have one in my mouth and another in my ass both filling me up I am in heaven. Now I also like to top and I love ass! I love to lick ass, eat ass, play with it in my hands, and slowly slide a finger in to test the water and then climb on board and fuck! Mike also loves ass and when the two of us are presented with such a nice round, hard, hairy one to play with you can just imagine how that goes.

After a few minutes of exploring his body the two of us really started to focus on that amazing ass before us. We rubbed it and played with it, sliding fingers into his crack and down to his balls and dick, which was growing from all of the attention he was getting. Mike pulled his cheeks apart to expose his tight little hole and I ran a finger down his crack and played with his little hole. As Henri wriggled and moaned with pleasure my partner held his cheeks apart and motioned for me to dive in. That was all I needed and I dove right in! I buried my face in that hot hairy ass and ate him out while my Mike climbed on his back, rubbed his shoulders and slid hid fat, hard cock back and forth over his lower back.

As I spear my tongue deeper and deeper I looked up to see Mikes big balls. I love his balls, his cock, and his ass, ok I love all of him. Mike is a little shorter than me at about 6’ tall, he has a stockier build with nice thick legs big balls that love to be played with and a nice fat cock that fits perfectly in my mouth, down my throat and in my ass! Mike and I have a very active sex life and it is always amazing. His cock fits perfectly in my ass, of course it takes me a while to get used to the size every time but after a few minutes I cannot get enough of him fucking me. I love to cum when he is pounding away and says I am gonna shoot. I grab his meaty balls in one hand as his thrusts his big cock in and out of my hole, I grab my cock in the other hand and start stroking as he shoots a big load inside of me. He keeps fucking and I go over the edge, my cum erupts and shoots all over him, my chest and face. When he fucks me I shoot like a porn star!

I look up and see Mikes balls and have to have a taste of them. Because of the angle I can only lick them a little so I decide to go for his ass. Mike has a nice round and smooth ass and my tongue quickly finds it target and Mike lets out a deep groan as I lick his hole and play with his balls. I am in heaven with two hot asses and my face buried in one and then another.

Mike can’t take it any longer and decides it is time to slide his cock into Henri’s tight little ass. He gets up and moves to the night stand for some lube. I sit up and my dick is resting on our French friends hairy ass, he rolls over and smiles and I know I have to fuck him now! While Mike gets ready I spit in my hand, rub it all over my hard aching cock and slowly push it in. His ass is tight and warm and I slide in easily until my balls are at his cheeks. I pump in and out with long slow strokes and rest my body on his chest and explore his mouth with my tongue. Then I feel Mikes warm tongue on my ass hole as I bury my cock. I am having a sensory overload and know that I don’t have long if this keeps going. Mike moves around the bed and slips his hard shaft into our new friends mouth. I am fucking and mike is getting sucked and I am starting to feel like I could blow my load so I thrust a few more times and pull out, sit back on the bed and usher Mike into position.

When Mike and I play with other guys one of my favorite things is to see Mikes big hard cock sliding in and out of another mans ass. Mike has a great cock and everyone who ever sees it comments on how much they like it, it is the perfect length, straight and fat with a nicely shaped head. Every time I see it I want to suck it!

Mike lifts Henri’s big hairy legs up onto his shoulders and aims his cock head at that hot little hole I was just fucking. He slides in and my face is inches away as his cock disappears and only those big meaty balls are hanging outside. I reach my hands around and play with Henri’s nipples and rub his hairy chest, while my eyes are glued to Mikes cock sliding in and out of this studs ass. Mike’s cock comes out so just the head is inside and plunges back in, over and over, he picks up speed and I am mesmerized watching this. I lick at Mikes hole, play with his balls and feel the base of his cock as it slides out and then back into that hot hole.

Mike can fuck for a long time but when you play with his balls at the same time it drives him crazy. Soon he is close and pulls his meaty cock out before he shoots. The room is getting hot and we are all sweaty and mashed together. Mike gets up for a quick breather and I roll Henri back onto his stomach and fill him up with my cock again. I fuck him slowly at first and then pick up speed and fuck him with long and forceful stokes. I rest my chest on his back and lick and lightly bite his neck as I fuck him harder and harder. After a few minutes I climb off and Mike takes my position. This is Mikes favorite position with a hot man on his stomach and his little ass raising off the bed just begging to be plowed.

Once again Mike fucks and fucks and I watch his cock go in and out as his balls slap Henri’s ass. I move around the bed and feed my hard dick to our guest. He is in heaven with Mike’s big fat dick fucking him and my dick sliding in and out of his sexy face. After a few minutes of this, Mike grunts and says he is going to cum. I pull my cock out of Henri’s mouth and he says he wants Mike to cum on his face. He rolls over and starts sucking Mike’s dick as mike quickly stokes the base of his own cock. His cock head is on Henri’s lips and he shots all over his face and neck and his cock is quickly sucked into Henri’s mouth again.

This is all I need and I stand over the bed and stroke out a big load all over his hairy chest and stomach. Mike can cum multiple times and begins to beat off again as Henri tries to get his cock back in his mouth. He really wants to swallow that load and is going crazy to get it in his mouth. Mike shoots again but I am in such a haze I don’t know if it joined the other load on his face or if Henri finally got to suck it down.

Mike slides a finger up that hot, tight little ass and finger fucks Henri as I kiss him and pinch his nipples. In no time Henri’s load erupts onto his belly. He is covered in four loads of hot spunk and we all collapse on the bed with our new stud in the middle. We stay like this for a few minutes and then get cleaned up and dressed. We all decide that we have to do this again!